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Brandon wrote this blog before Christmas, but we decided to wait on publishing this post because it contained some of the stuff we wanted to talk about on our last podcast.

Starts and Sits

Most weeks, I would give you a list of a few players who you should start and/or sit, however it is the playoffs, and I assume that most of the teams that made the playoffs already have a decent idea what they are doing. Instead, this week I will be giving out my gifts, (also known as awards) for a nice Christmas special. You might be thinking, “But it is December 14th, 2017 AD, it is not Christmas.” Well you’re correct, but I will be out of town next week and have no access to the internet, so I will have no way of posting an article next week. Please, save your tears, I know next week will be rough for you. I know that this segment is what gets most of you out of bed each and every morning, but please stay calm. It will get better. I would also like to add that this list of awards only represents my opinions, and not the entire staff’s opinions, as I assume we will be talking about these same themes on a later podcast.


Lets get the most prestigious award out of the way to begin with, and that is the MVP. While most of the early picks ended up hurt or duds, there was one player who stood alone when it comes to the fantasy football MVP, and that was Antonio Brown. Averaging 16PPG in non PPR leagues, and nearly 25PPG in PPR, it is safe to say that Brown did not disappoint this season. If he keeps this level of production up, he is set to end the season with 1,900 yards and 11 TDs. A remarkable season to say the least.

Most Improved

Now I hate giving co-awards, but there are two players who stuck out as most, improved in regards to last season. While players like Robby Anderson or Jared Goff are solid candidates, I would still go with a couple of guys over them. The two i have are DeAndre Hopkins and Todd Gurley. Both Gurley and Hopkins were both viewed as major disappointments last season, but have clamored back, becoming the #1 and #2 of each of their own positions, at the time of writing this, of course..

Best Value

While there were plenty of great values found throughout the season, two stuck out to me. The best value in my opinion was Alvin Kamara, since in many leagues, he wasn’t even drafted, and Marvin Jones Sr., who was drafted in the 13-16th rounds of most drafts. Kamara was a rookie, behind Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson at the beginning of the season, and Jones was viewed as the #2 option behind Golden Tate. Kamara was able to become the #3 Running Back (at the time of publication) and Jones is currently the #8 receiver.

Meh Award

The Meh Award is for players who had seasons that were not busts, but did not surprise anyone. These players did not show any true regression, but also did not show the growth that many expected.

  1. Jordan Howard is one of these players. Last season he ended with 1,600 total yards and 10 TDs, while he is on track for 1,500 and 9 TDs. This is in no way a bad season, but he did see his efficiency drop, and received a much larger workload.

  2. Julio Jones is another, who is on track for 1,400 and 4 TDs. A solid season, but a disappointing one to say the least. A lot more was expected of him, being a top 5 pick. This season made owners long for the Julio of two years ago with 1,900 and 9 TDs.

  3. Drew Brees is our final recipient. There are three games left in the season, and Brees has half of the TDs that he had last season. He also has 9 less interceptions. He is also on track for nearly 1,000 less passing yards than last season. Very little of this is his fault, it is more of a change in game plan, with an emphasis in running the ball. Either way, it did disappoint many owners throughout the season.

The Bust of 2017

And finally, what we have all been waiting for, the Bust award. Who was the biggest bust this season. Could it be Dez Bryant, who has had his third disappointing season in a row?

NO! Why? Because anyone with a brain could see that he was not worth the mid-second round pick that he was being drafted at. If you listened to the Frontline Fantasy Football Podcast, you would know this. Sadly, in my opinion, the biggest bust, was Jay Ajayi.

He was typically drafted in the early second round, and only managed to get 3 double digit weeks so far. Last year, (since he got like two touches per game the first 4 weeks) he really only played about 12 full games. In those 12 games, he ended with roughly 1,400 all purpose yards and 8 TDs. This season he has played in 12 games, which has equated in roughly 800 yards, and ZERO Touch Downs. His efficency has spiked downward too, going from 4.9 yards per carry, to a measley 3.4. There are still three weeks left, but things are not looking good for Ajayi this season.

And there you have it. A few awards given by yours truly. If you have any questions about who to start this week on your roster, make sure to send them to our twitter account @FrontlineFF and we can answer those as soon as we can. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Kwanzaa.

With Love,


PS. Go Bills <3

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