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Five Questions for Next Season

As many of you are well aware, the regular season of fantasy football are officially over. The playoffs have officially begun. But many of you, like myself, did not make the playoffs in their primary league. So what is there for us to do? Obviously, we look forward to the next season. But with next season being months away, there are still many unanswered questions on the horizon. So today, I am going to delve into many of the questions that I have for the forthcoming season. I may not have the answer, but these are just a few areas of next season that I am curious about.

What will happen with the Tennessee running back quandary?

As of now, backup running back Derrick Henry has been clearly outperforming starter Demarco Murray. Henry has more than 100 more rushing yards on 15 less attempts on the season. Henry is also much younger and cheaper than Murray. With 2 years remaining on Murray’s contract, are the Titans going to try to trade him over the offseason? Will he become a $6.5mil per season backup?

What will happen to Adrian Peterson & David Johnson?

A season ago, David Johnson was the best running back in the league. He was both dominant in the rushing and passing game. Now Adrian Peterson is in Arizona. Will Peterson take away carries from Johnson when Johnson returns? Will the Cardinals use him as merely a backup? Will they try to trade him with 1 year remaining on his contract? Tune in next episode of Dragon Ball Z to find…… I mean, we’ll see next season.

Where will The Crow make his nest?

Isaiah Crowell will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. This brings the question, where will The Crow sign? Will he resign with the Browns? Will he have a strong enough finish to the season to garner interest from other teams? Time will tell.

What happens when Dalvin Cook returns from injury?

Surprisingly enough, after Cook’s injury, both Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray have been superb. You would think that they may take up some of Cook’s carries with their performances this season. Murray is still under contract for another 3 years, and Mckinnon is an unrestricted free agent after this season. Who will sign Mckinnon? Will he return to Minnesota?


Latavius Murray

I cannot believe that I am putting Murray on this list, but as of the past six weeks, he has been great. He has had 15 carries or more for the past 7 games. He also has 5 TDs in those 7 games. This, paired with the fact that the Lions have given up 7 Rushing TDs in the past 5 games, is a sure sign of Murray having a good game this week.

Josh McCown

McCown is quietly the number 7 QB in fantasy. He has averaged 27 points over the past two weeks, and should carry some of that success into this week as well. He boasts a solid 96.7 passer rating, with a completion rate of 68%. He also has an 18-8 TD-Int ratio. He is a safe play this week.

Josh Gordon

Gordon looked incredible in his return to action. It may have been his first game in three years, but Gordon looked right at home. Although 85 yards may not seem like much. It is good to note that he did have Deshone Kizer throwing throwing to him. While that will most likely not change,

Lions 7 rushing TDs in 5 games 15 carries in past 7 games. It is the most receiving yards for a Browns player since Rashard Higgins in week 2, and the most yards for a single receiver from Deshone Kizer.


Demaryus Thomas

Thomas has scored double digit points with Siemian as QB once this season. He has been in single digits with Siemian eight times. With Siemian as QB, Thomas averages 5 points per game. The maximum amount of points he had was 11. He has a very low floor, and one of the lowest ceilings in the league.

Legarrette Blount

Blount started the season strong, but has faded out, partly in thanks to Jay Ajaia. Sadly, he has one double digit week in the past eight weeks. Earlier on, even his single digit games were decent, but now, they are fading to around 2-5 points. He is also going against a tough opponent in the Los Angeles Rams.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant has played in 20 consecutive games without 100 yards. It’s either touchdown or bust, and he has only caught 5 TDs in 12 games this season. It is less than 50% that he will have double digits this week. Avoid.

Go Bills <3

With Love,


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