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WARNING: Don’t Trust C.J. Anderson

If you were desperate enough to start C.J. Anderson yesterday, congratulations. Or maybe I should say, I’m sorry, because if you have to start Anderson, then your team is probably hurting.

However, Anderson put up double digit points in standard scoring for the first time since Week 4. He had 15 carries for 67 yards and four receptions for 43 yards.

Previously, he had been losing the majority of the snaps to Devontae Booker.

Here are Booker’s snap rates the past five weeks:

His usage had been trending up, taking over about half of the snaps. But this past week, he was hardly used, rushing only twice for eight yards.

Here’s the snap count for each running back:

Why the change? Was it due to the new offensive coordinator?


Don’t be fooled. This week did not signal a changing of the guard or a change of heart by the Broncos coaches.

Here’s the real reason Anderson took over the majority of the carries:

Booker was sick, leaving a healthy Anderson and Jamaal Charles to carry the load. This wasn’t revealed until after the game, but it clearly explains the shift back to Anderson.

As playoffs approach, many people may be tempted to pick up and start Anderson. DON’T DO IT. The Broncos coaches love Booker for some reason, and he will regain his regular volume next week.

You can’t trust any Denver running back, but don’t kill your playoff chances by starting Anderson.

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