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Brandon + Cute Girl + "Starts & Sits"

I was at work the other day, and something tragic occurred. I was there, alone, and a customer needed help with something on their vehicle. The customer was a cute girl, about my age. We spoke for a bit, and I fixed the problem she had with her vehicle. She was really sweet, easy to talk to. As she was leaving, she stopped and handed me a small piece of paper. It was a business card with a phone number and her name. “You should give me a call sometime,” she said with a big smile. As she drove away I looked at the card and saw that she had her own salon or something. And from there on out I was in a good mood, assuming that she wanted me to call her, to get to know each other better, or something along those lines.

I left work later that day, and pulled up facebook at my house and looked up her name, ya know, out of curiosity. I pulled up her profile and guess what? Boyfriend. She didn’t want me to call her due to my dashing good looks, or my unmatched charisma; she wanted me to call her because she either wanted my money, or thought my hair looked bad, or potentially a combination of both. It was a very disappointing experience to say the least. Some players are like that too, disappointing. So with this episode of “Starts/Sits” I will include players who I have felt have been disappointing this season.


Michael Thomas

Many people forget that Thomas was often times drafted as a top 5 Wide Receiver this season. Sadly, he clocks in as the number 20 overall WR. After a slow first few weeks, it appears as though he is finding his stride, although his fantasy points have not reflected that. He has more than 10 targets over the last four games and more than 7 catches in each game. He has only found the endzone twice this season, but with his increased usage, expect a TD this week.

Jay Ajayi

Jay Ajayi’s first week was an Eagle was his most successful fantasy game this season, and his first time in the endzone. He did all of this with only 8 carries. He did have a huge run, which inflated his stats immensely, but expect more usage this week. I expect the Eagles to have a significant lead in this game, leading to more rushing attempts. He is also rushing behind a much better offensive line than he did earlier this season.

Alshon Jeffery

Surprisingly enough, Jeffery is the number 11 receiver in fantasy. He has been touted as a disappointment for most of the season. It would seem as though he has finally found his stride, about halfway through the season. He is coming off of two straight weeks of at least one TD in each. He is also playing against the Cowboys’ secondary, which is easily one of the worst in the league. Remember, they made Trevor Siemian look good, the same Trevor Siemian who got benched for Brock Osweiler.


Adrian Peterson

Peterson’s first game as a Cardinal: 26 carries, 134 yards *5.1ypc) and two TDs. His previous three: 69 carries, 209 yards (2.9ypc) and 0 TDs. He scored more points in his first game than he has in his last three. Boom or bust, but don’t expect much of a boom.

Demarco Murray

Demarco Murray has only been in double digit points three weeks this season. Those three games were the only times that he has found the endzone. If he does not score a TD, he shouldn’t score any more than 10 points. Last week, he didn’t play well, but did manage to score two TDs, which saved his day. He has been below 5 points, four times. He is more likely to score less than 5 points, than he is to score double digits. Is he really worth the risk?

Tyrod Taylor

Why am I putting Taylor on this list? Because the incompetent Bills organization decided to bench him. He played poorly last week, but that wasn’t entirely his fault. The Bills gave up nearly 300 rushing yards last game, apparently that was Tyrod’s fault. They also gave up 6 rushing TDs, apparently that was Tyrod’s fault too. The Bills needed a scapegoat, and Tyrod was that goat. They blamed him for their losing.

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With Love,

Brandon <3

Go Bills

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