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Starts and Sits...Actually Just Sits

Today I am going to begin with a very quick grammar lesson. I am doing this, because nearly everything I wrote about last week was wrong. I said to start Alex Collins and Zach Ertz. Ertz didn't even end up playing. I said to sit T.Y. Hilton, Joe Mixon, and Marshawn Lynch, all who had solid games. I was wrong on all fronts, so I will give a brief grammar lesson, one that I know is correct. Then next week, you guys can’t say that I was wrong about everything. Sound fair?

I see/hear this error daily, and it blows my mind that so many people make such a common grammatical error. I will give you an example: “Me and Henry like to watch memes.”

See anything wrong with that sentence? I certainly hope so. The correct way to write this sentence is “Henry and I like to watch memes.” See the difference. The person talking/writing always comes second. I got a quick way to visualize this.

When it comes to this all you need to do is take out the words “Henry” & “and,” to see if the sentence makes sense. Example “Me and Henry like to watch memes.”

“Me like to watch memes” makes no sense. The only time you will hear someone talk like that, is if you’re talking to a toddler.

Now take the correct sentence: “Henry and I like to watch memes.” Remove the words “Henry” & “and.” “Henry and I like to watch memes.” The sentence should read: “I like to watch memes.” If the sentence makes sense, which it does, then you know that it is correct. Simply beautiful.

This week I found so many players who are worth sitting, that I made the executive decision of not having a “Start Column,” but instead, I’m doubling down on the “Sits.”


Adrian Peterson:

I know, I know, he has been relatively good during his tenure with the Cardinals but let me finish. Last game Adrian Peterson ended the game with 14 Fantasy Points, not bad, BUT ON 39 TOUCHES. If you take that into account, Peterson didn’t do all that much. This also happened against the 49ers, so obviously the Cardinals would be winning, and obviously they would have the freedom to run the ball as much as possible. The Cardinals should get blown out by the Seahawks this week, so don’t expect 39 touches. Don’t even expect 20. Adrian Peterson’s career is kind of like Kelly Clarkson’s music. It was great before 2013, but has been a huge disappointment since.

Bilal Powell:

Powell is easily the best back on the Jets. However, they refuse to make him the primary back. Forte (for whatever reason) gets the goal-line touches too. Forte also gets the catches. McQuire also out snapped him last week.

CJ Anderson:

CJ Anderson sounds nice. And by that, I mean every time that I think about him, I think of solid fantasy play, I don’t know why. Okay, I unintentionally phrased those last two sentences very poorly. What i am trying to say is that I think that CJ Anderson is much better than he has played. He always seems like a stud, but he has only been in double digit points twice this season. Last week he had a mere 18 yards. And while I don’t expect him to play that poorly this week, I still don’t have any faith in him.

Sammy Watkins:

In Watkins’ best two weeks, he has combined for 173 yards and 2TDs. In the other six games of the season he combined for 158 yards & 0TDS. Tragic. Watkins has been the physical embodiment of inconsistency. Last week he had his second best game of the season with 67 yards and 1TD…….Oh and he ended the game with 1 catch.

DeSean Jackson;

Jameis Winston is out, and the disaster waiting to happen (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is in. Over the past week, Jackson has not had a single double digit outing, and has only had 1 TD over that span. This season, he has only eclipsed the 100 yard mark only once in a game this season, and has been in double digit points just twice.

Joe Mixon:

In my honest opinion, I believe that Joe Mixon is the worst starting RB in the league. Yeah, he stumbled into the endzone last week, I know, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. This season, he is averaging a colossal 2.9 yards per carry average, has two TDs, and 2 fumbles. If you’re a returning viewer of the show, you do know that we like to clown Isaiah Crowell, and use him as the standard of football ineptitude, but at least he is averaging 3.5 yards per carry. He is worthy of a spot on your bench this week, unless he can find the endzone this game, which he has found it only twice in eight games. (25% for all of you non-math people)

With Love,

Brandon <3

Go Bills

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