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Championship Waiver Claims And My Love For David Johnson

I’m not ashamed to say it: I’m a die-hard David Johnson fan. I don’t have a favorite NFL team, but I like to cheer for specific players, and Johnson is at the top of my list.

Every week, David Johnson has been the model of consistency. He’s scored double digits in every single game this year, he’s the highest scoring running back this year so far, and just became the first player in NFL history to have 100 yards or more from scrimmage for 14 straight games in a row. He’s also led one of my fantasy teams to the championship game (thanks DJ). He’s arguably the best running back in the NFL right now, alongside Le’Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott.

Believe it or not, we actually have a lot in common. We both grew up in Iowa. We both went to the University of Northern Iowa (go Panthers!). And we both had a dream about playing in the NFL (true story, one night I dreamt I was a professional running back. I know, I should tell it at parties).

I remember my 2015 fantasy football season like it was yesterday…there was talk of this back-up rookie running back that scored a touchdown on his first ever NFL reception. And he kept scoring touchdowns, even though he was just a backup and hardly saw the field. Fantasy experts said it was just a fluke, he’ll stop scoring, and he wasn’t worth a roster spot. Boy, were they wrong.

I remember picking him up, even though it was risky. I remember starting him, even though he was the third-string. And then I remember when Chris Johnson got hurt, and the David Johnson takeover began.

Waiver wire pickups like David Johnson are season game changers. And, now that it’s championship time and there’s a lot on the line, the waiver wire is even more important. One wrong move, and your hopes of winning could be smashed.

With that in mind, here are some potential waiver wire pickups to help you in the championship (or help you avoid last place, if you’re in the consolation bracket).

TY MONTGOMERY, RB/WR – Who saw that one coming? This past Sunday against the Bears, Montgomery had 162 yards rushing and two touchdowns. He had shown promise the past few weeks, but the Packers just weren’t using him very much. That all changed. I think it partly had to do with James Stark being out with a concussion, but Montgomery showed that he is the real deal, and he is over his sickle cell trait ordeal. If he’s on the waiver wire, pick him up. He’s considered both a RB and a WR in ESPN and Yahoo! leagues, so you can plug him in wherever you need help the most.

DONTRELLE INMAN, WR – Inman is the in man in San Diego. Inman is emerging as the Chargers most reliable receiver, as Tyrell Williams is playing through injuries and is struggling. In the past four games, Inman has three touchdowns and at least 43 yards. This week he’s going against the Browns, and has a good chance at a touchdown. If you’re wide receiver needy, Inman is a good player to target.

TYLER LOCKETT, WR – Pop, lock, and rocket. Lockett the rocket took off last Thursday with 130 yards and a touchdown. He’s hard to trust on a consistent basis, but like Tyreek Hill, he finds a way to score touchdowns. Seattle is going up against the Cardinals, who just got decimated by Brandin Cooks. With Patrick Peterson most likely covering Doug Baldwin, Lockett is poised for another big game.

C.J. FIEDOROWICZ/RYAN GRIFFIN, TE – If C.J. Fiedorowicz is inactive again this Saturday, then this also applied to Ryan Griffin, the backup tight end for the Texans. With Osweiler finally benched and Tom Savage taking over, the starting Texans tight end is going to reap the benefits. Last Sunday, with Fiedorowicz out with a concussion, Griffin had 85 yards and a touchdown. Expect more good things this week against the Bengals. For Jordan Reed fantasy owners, either one of these tight ends would be good replacements.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS, D/ST – Need a one-week defense replacement? Grab the Chargers if they’re on your waiver wire. They’re playing the Browns this week. Enough said.

Have questions? Need lineup advice on who to start in the championship? Comment below or tweet at us. We’ll answer! Before you go, look at our player rankings and our starts and sits.

Thanks, and good luck winning the ‘ship!

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