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Six Players That Have Me Spooked

I hate haunted houses. They give me the creeps. There, I said it. It’s out. Horror movies and TV shows don’t bother me, but there’s something about paying to walk through a “haunted house” that makes me nope right out of the situation.

Maybe it’s because of all the horror movies and TV shows that I’ve seen that have haunted houses in them (I’m looking at you American Horror Story), or the fact that I would be paying to get scared, but either way, getting spooked is never in my Halloween plans.

If you’re playing in a money fantasy football league, then you might have paid to get spooked this year, too. I know, I know, that sounds crazy and weird, but hear me out. Unless you drafted the perfect team, there are probably some players on your team that have been under performing week after week. Even though they were supposed to be a stud and carry you to this year’s league championship, it’s halfway through the season and they’re not putting up many points.

Unfortunately, this happens every year. Some stars under perform, and it’s hard to pinpoint why they’re struggling. You wonder if you should trade them, bench them, drop them, or keep starting them. This is where fantasy football gets frustrating.

Fortunately, Fantasy Hangover is here to help. Below are six players that have me “spooked” and my thoughts on what’s contributing to their poor performances.

Allen Robinson Arguably the biggest bust of the year so far, Robinson is only hauling in 45.7% of his targets, and most of his catches have come in garbage time. So far this year he has 32 catches for 366 yards and 3 touchdowns. Not good. But is it all his fault? No.

While part of his poor performance can be blamed on his inability to catch the football, a lot of blame is also on Blake Bortles, who seems to have lost the ability to throw a football. A-Robs targets and actual reception stats look bad, but the truth is that a lot of those passes weren’t anywhere near catch-able. You can’t drop A-Rob, and you most likely won’t be able to trade him, so for now he deserves a spot on your bench until the Jags get it together (if they can).

DeAndre Hopkins Hopkins is in a similar situation, except all of the blame is on Brock Osweiler. Arguably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL right now (it’s a competition between him and Bortles), Osweiler is failing, and Hopkins is suffering because of it. Hopkins is a deep threat, and Osweiler never throws deep. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of confidence or skill, but unless Osweiler somehow gets better, Hopkins is going to continue to suffer. Hopkins has some trade value based on name alone, so you can try to trade him, but don’t expect too much. Otherwise, I would bench him for better options.

Russell Wilson Wilson has been a massive disappointment so far this season. This past week against the Saints, Wilson threw for 253 yards and an interception, and he’s only found the end zone five times in eight weeks. Even though he’s been hampered by injuries, which limits his running game, he isn’t finding ways to score. Wilson usually tends to heat up in the second half of the season, but until he actually acts like normal Wilson, find another QB.

Jamaal Charles The man that lived, come to die (Voldemort voice). The hype for a miraculous Jamaal comeback peaked in Week 6, when he rushed for 33 yards and a touchdown. Fans cheered and Spencer Ware owners groaned. Then came the news that swelling had returned in his knee, and Charles hasn’t been back on the field since. For his fantasy owners, Charles is in a state of limbo. You can’t drop him because he might play again soon, and you can’t trade for him because people don’t want to waste the bench space. Charles is meeting with the doctor that did his surgery this week, so see what comes out of that. I hope Charles can make a full return, but it’s not looking good at the moment.

P.S. Speaking of the Chiefs running backs, pick up Charcandrick West this week.

Brandon Marshall 2016 Brandon Marshall is less exciting than 2015 Brandon Marshall. So far he only has two touchdowns this season, and I think quarterback play is another factor here, too. Fitzpatrick’s magic has run out this year, especially after he threw six interceptions in one game. Marshall has still had good games this year, but he hasn’t been as consistent as last year. Without Eric Decker’s presence, the offense feels lost, and Fitzpatrick can’t seem to get it together.

Out of the six players listed here, I think Marshall is the one that still has the most potential. If the matchup is decent, I would continue to start him, but don’t expect 2015 Brandon Marshall numbers.

Mark Ingram Sunday was an extremely painful day for Ingram fantasy owners. After fumbling in the first quarter (his second fumble in two weeks), Ingram was exiled to the bench for the rest of the game, and Tim Hightower took his place on the field, totaling 102 yards. I don’t think that Ingram is going to totally lose his job, but it looks like they are going to work Hightower in more, becoming more of a RBBC. Ingram owners, see if you can trade him now. If not, I would bench him if you have another option (it’s bye week hell, so you may not) and see how the backfield plays out.

Like my uneasiness towards haunted houses, I am uneasy about these six “studs.” Who knows, they may bounce back, but for now proceed with caution.

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